November 17, 2008

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Project Walrus, The Introduction:
The project, code name Walrus, was the project behind publishing the paper "Student Newspaper" for distribution on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). The University currently publishes a daily paper which is run by, and writes from a specific view of, the liberal minds. While there may be an occasional conservative minded article, in general the paper considers the ideas of the classical conservative to be offensive, or unintelligent at best.

Additionally, the traditional values that this country has held for the majority of it's history are elsewhere being degraded and are constantly under attack. Because the general public is exposed to this degradation of these traditional values, the same general public increasingly find their arguments difficult to elaborate on. Like someone who was at one time a disciplined student, the skill of argumentation, and the arguments themselves, become lost in the past when they are constantly put down or ignored.

Project Walrus was initiated to aid the fellow conservatives on the UNL campus, to help defend our increasingly attacked rights, and to get people of all views thinking more critically.

The Guiding Principles:
Within the project Walrus there is a driving motive to encourage a point of view. There is no pretense of being without bias, project Walrus is specifically biased toward a fundamentally conservative Christian view of the world and it's history. It is a simple point of statistics to note that the majority of conservatives are Christian, but it can also be noted that conservatism is not an exclusively Christian view: Many notable atheists hold to some form of conservatism, and humanists everywhere agree to the benefits of a traditional conservative view.

The guiding principles of traditional conservatism can be based on many things: Historical statistics, Crowd consensus, and so on. However, any true lasting values or principles must be founded on something more lasting than the people who create the principles. In order to place the principles on the most lasting historical document, project Walrus has as it's guiding principles the entire Bible. Specifically, project Walrus argues that the traditional conservative values come directly from the Bible.

The founders of project Walrus believe that, due to what the Bible calls grace, even someone who is not a Christian can have views which are similar to Christian conservative views. Because we believe that a person may not ascribe to our religious view but still argue very well for traditional conservative views, project Walrus will accept for review articles from anyone who holds to the general principles in the Writers Principles section, whether that person be Christian or not.

Who We Are
Project Walrus, and the resulting paper, are the product of a core of five UNL students who have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of conservative voice on the UNL campus. It is our hope that the conservatives on campus will speak up and defend their own rights. We are not professional writers, and many of the volunteers with Project Walrus do not desire to be, but we each desire to see truth promoted, and conservative ideas debated openly and honestly without fear. The standing editor at this time is Tobias Davis, a mechanical engineering student. He can be reached through the official Project Walrus e-mail (