November 1, 2008

Questions and Answers

What is this?
The blog you are reading is the digital version of a news-review style paper published on the University of Nebraska - Lincoln campus by a group of volunteers. Instead of pretending to be unbiased, the main team behind the Student Newspaper has a strong traditional Christian conservative political view and is not afraid to say so.

Who runs this?
Volunteers. All articles are written by volunteers. All editing is done by volunteers. All publishing work is done by volunteers. So far printing has been done by a volunteer. The main editor right now is Tobias Davis, a Mechanical Engineer major at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Why do you do it?
The Student Newspaper was started as a defense against the encroaching liberal bias of the media: The present campus newspaper (funded by student fees) claims to be neutral, but presents a strongly liberal bias. The local town newspaper does similarly, only in a more professional manner. Property ownership is seen as a government given privilege, and the right to self defense is being continually squashed. This paper was started to encourage the traditional conservative view on campus.

I agree! Can I write articles?
All articles are written by volunteers, so yes! The leaders of the Student Newspaper hold to specific conservative views, and articles should generally follow those principles. For more information, send an e-mail to the Editor at:

I disagree! Can I write articles?
Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Our goal is to promote a conservative view on the campus, but, if you do not agree with specific principles that the Student Newspaper holds, you might still get an article published. If you disagree with the entire conservative movement, we actually want you to write articles as well! We hope to have a featured "debate" style article, where a generally anti-conservative person makes an argument for their view and we respond. Our goal is to promote healthy debate, so articles of this nature are treated with great care for accuracy. For more information, e-mail the Editor at:

Why do you post anonymous articles?

This question is frequently raised, usually with the implication that anonymous articles are somehow "bad". In discussions during the founding of the Student Newspaper, the founders noted a bit of fear from students and teachers concerning job security or peer pressure to use the "party line" of liberalism or "neutrality", while they themselves believe the conservative view to be correct. Many authors have written articles under pen-names, Benjamin Franklins "Silence Dogood" being perhaps the most commonly known.

More questions?
E-mail your questions and concerns to the Editor at: