August 23, 2009

The Latest News

Greetings again, all you our fellow readers!

Once again it is time to start another school year at the University of Nebraska, and here in Lincoln we are gearing up for another fun filled time!

Two announcements, the first a repeat from last semester:

I, Tobias, the editor/manager from last year, have retired from the newspaper in pursuit of higher goals. This means that I won't be running the Student Newspaper anymore, but here comes news item two:

The Student Newspaper has been taken over by Andrew Lacy, a writer and a great assistance to the past Student Newspaper. Over the summer he has reworked the format and done many other things with the paper, so much in fact that he decided to call it something new. Also, the "Student Newspaper" is obviously super-generic sounding, although it makes for a great laugh.

Anyway, this web-site will not post any more new stuff, but the new newspaper is already up and running, the first issue was printed just a while ago.

Allow me to introduce to you the conservative voice on the UNL campus: The Nebraska Thinker.

If you wish to continue to follow the work started by the Code Walrus team, check out the official blog for news. Nothing is up yet, but hopefully later this week.